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 The Outer Town

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Outer Town

The Outer City is the larger portion of the Town, and where most of the residents live. This list is of the most prominent locations known to the public. There may be areas in the Outer Town to discover not mentioned here.

The Chapel of Our Lady Teresa
The Outer Town 5729774167_099bdbcf66_b

This Chapel is the centre of the Sisters of Our Lady Teresa, a wing of the Sisters Hospitaller. It is a small chapel that is open to the public, but is not large enough to hold services for any but the sisters themselves. The cult is led by Sister Superior Wanda, a remarkably elderly woman.

Our Lady Teresa’s Surgery, Pharmacy and Resthouse

The Outer Town 6336965148_5f86508a16_b_zps4mnt2zjl

The primary place to acquire healthcare in the city, the Resthouse triples as a general surgery, pharmacy, and palliative care and funeral centre for the dying. It is run by the Sisters of Our Lady Teresa. The Resthouse is run by Sister Apothecaria Norma.

Miss Helia’s Orphanage for Little Sisters
The Outer Town Spooky_hall_by_chit112

The Orphanage for Little Sisters is an all-female orphanage with ties to the Schola Progenium. Orphans are brought here from all over the world and beyond. Miss Helia is the matron there, caring for the orphans and seeing to their education.

Chirurgeon Santos’ Home for Heroes
The Outer Town Hospitality_by_unkreatives-d3g3s6j

Chirurgeon Santos’ Home for Heroes is a retirement and care facility for (primarily) imperial guardsman from the Amaranthine 5th recuperating from difficult engagements. Though some of its residents will return to active duty, most are permanently retired due to a variety of physical and mental issues. It is run by Chirurgeon Michael Santos, a former military doctor.

Ludum Casino
The Outer Town 7030395929_a7caa30acc

The Ludum Casino is a den of vices, from drugs to sex, and of course, gambling. All such things are legal in the poorly regulated region Midnight Town sits on the edge of, but that does not stop the patrons and owners of the casino from regularly pushing the limits of what is acceptable. It is run by the Parnassus family, with the day-to-day running of the place being done by the patriarch's brother, Luther.

Pater Noster Kalto-style Restaurant
The Outer Town Rango%20%20mayors%20balcony_zpscf6fzd6k

A popular restaurant specialising in grox-meat and simple, rustic style food. Best known for being a common meeting place for those who might be called crime lords, were it not for the fact that very few laws prohibiting excess apply to Midnight Town. It is a particular favourite meeting place for Ludum Casino owner Don Parnassus, his family members and associates.

Emeriti’s Gun Shop
The Outer Town 24X36-INCH-font-b-ART-b-font-SILK-POSTER-the-table-surface-font-b-cowboy-b

The Emeriti Cartel are the primary source of all personal technology in Midnight Town, a position they aggressively defend. At the gun shop, one can purchase most common types of guns, ammunition, armour and other knick-knacks. The head of the Emeriti Cartel is Arthur Emeriti, but the day-to-day running of the shop is done by his nephew, Joseph.

Another Rusty Bucket Saloon
The Outer Town Sunset_Composition_05_8bit_Mod01

A popular drinking location for those in the town who engage in that sort of thing. Less serious than the Pater Noster Restaurant, more relaxed than the Casino, the Saloon provides an atmosphere that's familiar and inviting to average folk. Owned by sisters Audrey and Valerie Price.

Vigil Hunters Guild
The Outer Town Scary-horror-wallpaper-place21

Ostensibly, the Vigil Hunters Guild was formed to deal with what was once a weekly mutant invasion of Midnight Town from the wastes. With invasions less common in the modern era, the Hunters are trained to enter into the Warrens and perform culls of any mutant they find. They have been known to perform other tasks for coin, and are renowned for having a vicious and sadistic streak. Their leader is Clara 'One-Eye' Butler, a woman whose taste for blood is matched only by her hatred of the mutant.
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The Outer Town
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