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 The Inner Town

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The Inner Town

The Inner Town is the industrialised city centre and the seat of government in Midnight Town. This list is of the most prominent locations known to the public. There may be areas in the Inner Town to discover not mentioned here.

Governing Precinct
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The Governing Precinct is a block of buildings which make up the seat of government in Mightnight Town. Locations here include the Administratum Offices, the Midnight Law House, and Mayor Bloomsbury’s Council Offices.

  • Midnight Town is ruled over by a council of twenty men and woman of high esteem within the town, elected to their positions whenever one of the old members dies. They make the laws and regulations of Midnight Town (which are never particularly extensive), run public services and preside over disputes. The current leader of the council, Mayor Fortunate Bloomsbury, is known to be an even handed and fair man with a great deal of pride for his position and his Town.   
  • The Administratum offices are a small affair, presided over by Adept Gina Cunningham. The organisation keeps extensive records of the population and publications within the town, and so it an extensive source of knowledge about the history of Midnight Town. It is also responsible for granting business and building licenses.
  • Midnight does not have an enforcer population nor a permanent panel of judges. Citizens typically take the law into their own hands, with mobs, posses and lynching being a common occurrence. When a somewhat more civil dispute arises, a member of the ruling Council of Midnight Town will preside over the case and hear all parties out at the law houses, before giving judgement.

St Moriartus’ Church
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St Moriartus’ Church is the largest, but the oldest, church in Midnight Town. It is a large building (akin to a modern day cathedral) that can accommodate about half of the population of the town at any given sermon. Within its walls is a sect of dozens of priests and priestesses. The creed of the sect is known to be quite moderate: puritan, but not unforgiving. The congregation is currently led by Father Patrick, an ageing man who is known to be popular with most people in Midnight Town.  

Passus Factorum
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This Factorum is the source of most of the jobs in Midnight Town. It processes the grox meat, hide and other body parts sent to it by the Grox Farm into food and goods for the wider world. The Factorum is overseen by Councillor Henry Graves, a member of the ruling council of Midnight Town. He is known to be easy-going, charitable and reasonably pleasant to work for.

Midnight Writer School and Press House
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A pet project of nobility interests, the Midnight Writer School and Press House provides education to the children up to the age of 13, and updates on happenings about the town to adults. The Press House is the publisher of the primary newspaper in Midnight Town, the Midnight Writer, authored by town busybody Annie Griffin. The school is run by the Patterson family, specifically Lady Martha Patterson and her daughter, Louise Patterson. It is a charitable endeavour, and the people of Midnight Town are always grateful for the Patterson family's generosity.  

Sheer Tower
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A pitch black, sheer stone tower in the centre of town. No one knows who built it or can remember how long it has been there. It stands at around 100m, has no obvious mechanism for getting from the bottom to the top, and appears to have some sort of platform or building at the top. No one has every successfully climbed it or identified its purpose.
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The Inner Town
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